Thursday, December 13, 2007


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We are trying a new discipline/motivation technique in the house. Every day the boys get a ball in their jar (which they decorated). If they behave, they get to keep it, if not, they lose it. Once they collect a few, they can then turn them in for prizes. Going to the ice cream store, getting a new book, getting a piece of candy, going putt-putt, etc. The boys picked out the prizes, we just set the "price."

So far it seems to be working pretty well. They really don't like the idea of losing a ball (whereas time out doesn't always get a negative reaction).

They both saved up for the most expensive thing and we went putt putt last Sunday afternoon. Now they are saving up to go see the Christmas lights at the "winter wonderland" up the street. So what kind of reward system or discipline techniques do you use?

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Anonymous said...

Good idea. Perhaps after Christmas we will see how it works. Right now we have employed the spanking stick (paint stirrer) that I think you guys told us about. It works fine, but something else might work better to deal with whining, since a spanking penalty if a bit strong for that problem.
- Blake