Wednesday, October 15, 2008


One of the highlights of the beach for the boys is going up to the pier to play at the arcade. It's cheap entertainment (although each year you get less tokens for your money it seems). Ben loves ski ball (and has quite an arm for a three year old). Caleb likes the whack em games.

On the first day we found a game that gave you high bouce balls for a prize, and we walked out with a dozen of them the first night. The next day it was broken unfortunately. Caleb had determined he was going to only play that game the rest of the week, and probably come home with 50 high bounce balls.

Of course they got their tickets, and they turned them in for cheap Oriental Trading company style prizes. Ben always goes for the candy (Airheads, dum dums). Caleb is into scary and creepy things. He took home a rubber snake and a zombie looking finger puppet. Plus some candy.

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