Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Diet Help

Are you still having trouble getting into that summer swimsuit? It's not too late to have the look you dream of. This age old solution could be just what you need...

Note that the poster assures you that this is a guaranteed "no danger" product that is "easy to swallow" (they don't mention how hard it is to remove) with "no ill effects."

I'm just glad the tape worms were sanitized. If they had germs on them, that would make them nasty, but clean tape worms are so wholesome and helpful.


Emily said...

Finally! Something that will work! I know that if you hold a banana in front of your opened mouth, the tapeworm will smell it, crawl up your throat, and out your mouth. See, problem solved!

keith said...

hmmmm... looks photoshopped.