Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Hospital Part 3 and Coming Home

Here are some pictures of the new room we had a Rex. It was great. If you are planning to have a baby at Rex, try your hardest to get a room in the 3rd floor pods. The other rooms just don't compare.

We had a few other visitors who we were very happy to see. Baby Luke was a sweet little baby for everyone to hold. The boys came by again on Sunday and Ben and I played dress up and put on doctor outfits that I saved from when I put on my scrubs when Luke was delivered. He thought that was pretty cool. The boys really seem to enjoy holding and caring for Luke.

We came home on Monday and are happy to be in a familiar and comfortable environment. Our beds have never felt so good, and the boys seem to agree. They were exhausted and slept 3 hours for nap on Monday!

There is a great picture here of our new family of five all together on the couch. Hard to believe it, but our family has five people in it now. What a blessing.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys,
Sorry we couldn't make it down this weekend to see you guys in the hospital. Glad to see you made it home.
We are praying for you and excited to meet Luke soon.


Tara said...

Wow! A family of 5- What a great picture of all of you too!

So glad that we got to meet your precious new little one. He is too cute for words!

Congrats again! Continuing to pray for God's blessings on your sweet family!

The Miller's said...

Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing the photos.