Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Special Bible Time - Lost Parables

We are trying something new at our house. It's been in the plans for months, but just never got put into practice. I wanted to make the Bible story time more active and memorable by making it an experience rather than just a lecture. This isn't my idea, but I'm just running with some ideas that I've come across in the books I'm reading in Seminary [imagine that!]

So once a week I'll be putting together a Bible story experience that is hands on. I think the boys will be able to reflect back on this a it will definitely leave a more permanent mark on their minds.

So week one is the Lost Parables from Luke. The Lost Sheep, The Lost Coin, and The Prodigal Son. I gathered a sheep, a coin, and a little man figure from their toy collections and hid them in their room without them knowing. We then sat down and read the story from Luke 15 (I paraphrased the Prodigal son because they were getting antsy and I wanted this first week to be very positive). I then turned them loose to find their lost items. They used flashlights to help them, just like the woman used a lamp to find her coin. Then when you find all your items its time to celebrate, just like the people in the story celebrate when they find their stuff.

I admit that this night did not have the amount of planning that I would have hoped, but I at least got the ball rolling and the inertia is broken. I'll share pictures and ideas about each weeks stories as we do them. If you have any ideas, please share them with me.

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